Wood Blinds

Utah Living Room Wood Blinds

Wood blinds offer several advantages unique to the nature of wood. Wood blinds are considerably lighter than composite blinds, making them the perfect choice for people who like to raise their blinds often.


The strings or “ladders” that support the slats can also be spaced further apart because of the natural rigidity of wood. This leaves more window open to preserve your view. The unique grain of wood accompanied by it variations are hard to duplicate with a faux wood blind. When matching existing wood surfaces in your office or home is desired, wood blinds are usually the best choice.

Wood Blinds For Your Utah Home

With proper cleaning and maintenance, wood blinds can beautify your home for many years. Care should be used to avoid water, especially with painted blinds. Faux wood blinds are a better option in moist areas like bathrooms and above kitchen sinks.


Every window covering we sell is personalized to your specific needs. Many options are available to enhance your wood blinds. These include cord free controls, motorization, free upgraded routeless slats, and larger valances. Whether you are matching your hard wood floors or custom painted finish work, we can help you make best choice for your needs. Give us a call to arrange a free in-home estimate.