Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds in Utah

Although vertical blinds have been around for many years, they still have many advantages that other window coverings do not.  For years, vertical blinds have been the least expensive window covering for those hard to cover sliding doors. They are easy to operate and the side to side motion allows the users full or partial access to their sliding doors. This is especially convenient for pet owners.  


Many of our customers like this ability to easily slide the slats to one side of the window for an unobstructed view. Combined with easy tilting to control light, they make a uniquely functioning window covering. This unique side to side motion makes covering windows up to 190” wide possible with one continuous window covering.

Versatility of Vertical Blinds in Utah

Verticals are not limited to the weighted fabrics slats of your past. They are now available in vinyl, aluminum, perforated fabrics and wood. Add a large crown valance for a look to fit any room or style.


For people who hate to clean, those with allergies or dusty business environments, vertical blinds are the easiest window covering to keep clean. Unlike horizontal blinds, each vane hangs vertically, reducing the need to dust.


Vertical blinds are also available as split stack, allowing an equal number of slats to traverse to both sides of the window. This helps to avoid an unbalanced look when the blinds are drawn open. Self-aligning headrails are also available, keeping each of the slats in proper orientation. The most common control option is the wand control, which both tilts and traverses the vanes with one easy to use rod. Let one of our professionals show you all the options available to you with our Free in-home consultation. Call today.