Four Ideas to Simplify Window Treatments

Take a break and start the new year right by kicking back from the overwhelming holiday season. Look for peace and bliss as you watch that blanket of snow fall over your home. Clear out your mind and simplify your thoughts as you sit down for a moment to breath. While your sitting there clearing out your mind, warm up the cold season by simplifying window treatments. Do that by using one of these four ideas for windows that can help you have a smooth journey through the chilly winter.


  1. Put it in neutral. Calm down your days with the calmness of neutrals. Having neutral colors on window treatments provides an easygoing background to all the other things going on in your home and in your busy life. No matter the window treatment, neutral colors will fit your needs. If you want more calmness, you can always throw your shearling overcoat or faux-fur comforter and bask in the mellow and cushiony embrace of the natural palette.hinged panel
  2. Try on a tailored look. Are you a rustic type of family with your country themed furniture and your traditional sliding barn doors? Maybe you’re a Katherine Hepburn kind of person who longs for a lean look with a trim, defined line. Well your windows can replicate that look with cellar shades. These shades give you the option to show light as you desire it, not how it comes in your home. Cellar shades are elegant, adjustable and unique. Don’t overlook these shades as you strive for a whisper of a window treatment.Woven Wood Shades Utah
  3. Keep it straight and smooth. Look for window coverings that mount inside the window frame to keep it minimal and crisp with no frazzled or frumpy edges. The desired window treatment is evenly and sharply encased within the window frame to create a sense of fluidness, with no bulky distractions. Choose wood or faux-wood blinds for their classic simplicity and ease of transitioning to any style, whether in a distressed light finish or traditional wood stains. Roman shades can add some pizzazz and design flavor with soft folds that ooze comfort.Living Room Wood Blinds Utah
  4. Play with patterns. Stay away from big and bold patterns that energize a room if you are wanting the stillness of non-confrontational days. However, if you do love patterns, look for tiny designs in your window coverings to add minimal style with a colorful subtlety to create interest without detracting from your overall light design touch. Roman shades and roller shades are replete with colorful, yet delicate designs and you can always find a perfect match.


Now that you’re ready to simplify your window treatments, cozy up in with your favorite blanket as you enjoy the simple ways to be fashionable, comfortable and happy.