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Demystifying Window Treatments

Depending on the type of window treatments you use in your home they can have a huge impact on the décor. They can also be expensive, making us put off dressing our windows. To top it off, the unlimited options available now can be daunting as well.

Window coverings can be decorative, functional, or even both. They can be made of fabric, vinyl, wood, and metal. It’s sufficed to say that there are many things to consider when choosing a window treatment. Do you need privacy? Do you want good insulation? Do you want energy conservation? What is the most important thing for you?

Window treatments include drapery, blinds, shades and shutters. Drapery usually refers to more elaborate window coverings and can come in a wide variety of fabric and styles. You can buy standard size drapes that are lined or unlined, but there is an amazing variation in style. The can be gathered at the top in different styles, creating an ornate look or do a gathering of fabric in a pleated fold at the top of the drapery, which is simply two lines of sewing where the rod is threaded.

In addition to the top or heading style, the bottom can be straight and by custom should stop 1.5-inches from the floor. If you don’t like that style, the hem can be pooled in a dramatic puddle on the floor. It all depends on your style. But, be warned – pooled drapes may not be good for households with cats.

Much like drapes, shades can also be varied and interesting. Roll-up shades can be made out of fabric, but also out of wood or bamboo slats. Soft treatments can be made in a balloon style, roman style or accordion pleat.

Choosing the right window covering can add height, color and depth to any room. Not only does the decorative element coordinate with your taste and design, but the amount of light that filters into the room from the window will change the perception of the other colors and furniture in your room.

For a bedroom, you may want shades, blind or drapery that has a blackout lining for sleeping comfort. Assuming privacy is not a consideration in the living room where you may want a soft light to filter in throughout the day, a sheer drapery panel may be appropriate. Moving onto the kitchen, keeping things simples is best. Keep in mind the effects of grease and food particles on the material used. Last but not least, the bathroom. A soft sheer and simple valance work will soften hard surfaces, that is, if privacy is not a concern.

Layers of draperies are a nice option for a minimalist room because it can give warmth to any space as well as create texture and depth. By placing plain blinds composed of neutral colors, you will add some depth to your elaborately furnished home. Hard top treatments such as cornices can serve as a frame behind where the fabric is hung.

When all is said and done, if it’s a beautiful window, sheers are the perfect answer. For problem windows, drapery can hide a lot of flaws. The elements of style, function and taste will play a role in all your window treatments. Don’t be daunted by the choices, the right window dressing will enhance any room.

Best Window Treatments for Dogs

In our last blog, we talked about the terrors of the combination of dogs and blinds and what you can do to solve these issues. As you may have gathered, there really is no universal dog proof blind. However, in this blog, we will discuss how to find the right window treatment for your situation.

With pets or small children at home, it’s always safer to choose cordless window treatments. Playful critters can easily get tangled up in the dangling cords and hurt themselves so it’s best to just eliminate that problem.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades can be vulnerable to damage by destructive dogs, but can work surprisingly well for other pups. Because cell shades cover the entire window, most pooches don’t see them as an obstruction from the outside and tend to ignore them.

What’s neat about cellular shades and dogs is that some pups can even be trained to nudge cordless shades open with their noses when they want to see out. To make them even more durable despite the dogs, spray them with scotch guard to keep away dirt and hair.

cellular shades

Vertical Blinds

Have a pet who paws at the window blinds? Try vertical blinds! Our little furry friends can nudge slats out of the way to see out the window. The best part is that they blinds will fall back into place afterwards! If pets chew on louvers, you can order individual replacements instead of getting a whole new set. And, if pet hair and grime are a problem, just wipe the PVC louvers clean with soap and water!

vertical blinds

Roller Shades

You may remember roller shades as the ones that rocket up if you let go too quickly. The modern versions are much more smooth and controlled. Pets can easily slip behind without damaging the shade and they’re easy to clean.

roller shades

The preventative advice is all well and good, but what do you do after your blinds have been destroyed? Don’t fret; we’re here for you. Contact Blind Spot at 801-915-0906 and see what we can do for you and your blinds.

How to Keep Dogs from Destroying Your Blinds

When it comes to pets, blinds don’t stand a chance. Whether it’s dogs desperately trying to see if you’re finally home or puppies that are seeking out its enemies, your blinds are in danger.

So why do pet’s love to destroy blinds? Although many of the things our pets do mystify us, this one is pretty easy to understand. They simply want to see what’s going on outside!

Dogs fall into three categories. Depending on which one you’re dealing with, you’ll need a different approach to correct it.

  1. When your dog sees something outside, it goes crazy and destroys the blinds. From a dog’s perspective, blinds are just an obstruction keeping them from the window. When there’s a squirrel or FedEx man outside, the blinds just become a casualty of the resulting frenzy to get out there.To solve this issue, keep the blinds raised part way to allow your pup to see out and avoid damage. You can prevent this issue altogether by teaching your dog to stay calm in exciting situations. The “leave it” command is perfect for this problem.
    dog vs blinds
  2. Your puppy is a chewer and loves eating the blinds. A lot of dogs, especially puppies, will chew on anything in site. If your blinds have become their teething stick, it’s because they don’t have anything else to chew on.For this issue, you should start by discouraging your dog from gnawing on the blinds by spraying the slates with sour apple spray. It smells and tastes terrible to dogs, but is neutral to humans. They’ll definitely steer clear from it from now on.
    However, the chewing habit is the larger problem to be addressed. When you’re away from home, enclose your dog in a safe room and give them special toys that are hidden away otherwise. Treat-filled toys and meat flavored bones are especially enticing. These toys will keep them busy and make them forget about the blinds.
    dogs and blinds
  3. Your dog tends to overreact whenever you leave. Some dogs eat doors, destroy crates and tear up window treatments much to their owner’s dismay. This may seem like normal dog behavior, but there’s a lot more going on under the surface.If your dog is clingy, panics when you leave and is overjoyed when you return, they may be suffering from separation anxiety. The bad news is that this is a learned behavior that you have inadvertently “trained” your dog to do. Luckily this behavior can be unlearned.
    So what should you do if you’re dog doesn’t like you leaving? The more of a production you make when leaving or coming home, the more anxiety builds up in your dog. Keep an all business attitude and ignore your dog for 10 minutes before you leave and after you return. This will help keep the mood neutral and your dog calm.

    Also, crate training can be extremely effective. Don’t feel guilty locking your dog away. After training, the crate will become a safe, comforting place for your dog.
    dog and blinds

Now that you know some solutions to your problems, treat your house to some new blinds at Blindspot.

5 Spring Makeovers for Windows

It’s springtime again and after a long winter, it’s time to let light back in! To get you in the right mindset, we’ve come up with some fun ideas that will give your windows a spring makeover!


  1. Give Your Windows a Good Cleaning

During the winter, you probably didn’t notice the appearance of your windows. Chances are they’ve built up some dirt and grim from the weather changes. To start spring on the right foot, scrub them down on both sides. Once they’re clean, add some woven wooden shades to keep your space feeling light and airy.

window cleaning

  1. Get Some Sheers

You’ll definitely want to let some sunlight in during the spring and one of the classiest ways to do that is with sheers. They’re lightweight and breezy, and feel perfect for warmer months. You can hang them by themselves or behind existing drapes, and you’ll still get some privacy while letting light in!

  1. Paint the Window Frame

This is a new trend that we really love. Painting the interior window frame is a great way to add a pop of color to the room. Go with something soft for a subtle effect or choose a bright and contrasting color to make a bold statement.

accented window frame

  1. Hang Plants in the Window

Hanging plants or flowers from your window is a fun and great idea that screams spring! You can do real flowers for a dinner party or a bridal shower. Or try artificial flowers, potted herbs, or air plants in glass containers for a look that’s a bit more long-lasting.

  1. Make or Buy Tiebacks

Along with letting light in, spring is a good time to get yourself some cute tiebacks. If you’re the DIY type, there are a lot of creative ideas that look easy to make on Etsy. There are also a lot of stores that make tiebacks if you’d rather purchase them.

window tieback

There are so many options to explore. Colors, shades, blinds, there’s no limit to the design you can fashion for your window. There’s so much potential to add a little zing into a room, or inject your style into a whole house. So start springing into makeover mode today!

Layered Window Treatments are Energy Efficient

In this colder season, you may be looking to your windows to help keep your home cozy and warm, shutting out biting winds and inclement weather. It’s no secret that expanses of glass absorb the outside temperature and transfer it inside, so how can you make your windows work the best for you? Follow these simple steps!

  • First, check all your windows to be sure the weather stripping is in good shape. Overtime, weather stripping can dry out and develop cracks, allowing air leaks. These drafts around windows and doors will make your heating and cooling systems have to work harder.
  • Double-paned windows are another way to reinforce your home against the effects of harsh weather and they provide the added benefit of noise reduction.
  • Consider layering your window treatments. Just as an outfit with a jacket and scarf is warmer than a shirt, multiple window coverings provide additional insulation and protection for your home and help lower your utility bills.

At Blindspot, we can help you create a style perfect for your home by combining high fashion with practical functionality. The same way you accessorize your clothes using patterns, textures and colors, layering window treatments presents endless design possibilities for updating your home.

Layering with Blinds

Window blinds are a popular choice for window coverings because they’re always in style, extremely durable, and they come in dozens of styles and colors, including wood, faux wood, vinyl, aluminum and elegant fabric blinds. Our blinds can be customized to fit any shape window or door, horizontal or vertical. All the design options of color, texture and finish make them an ideal window treatment for any room in your home.

As a stand-alone window treatment, blinds have a clean, modern look. Blinds block sunlight and harmful UV rays, have adjustable vanes for light manipulation and control privacy and they provide insulation when closed. They can also be paired with curtains and drapery panels, giving you a layering look that enhances your lifestyle by increasing insulation. Layering drapes over blinds will help keep the cold out and the warm in.

Layering Drapery Designs

Some people prefer having only fabric treatments on their windows. They’re generally easier to clean and may be more cost-effective than other treatments. Luckily, wanting all fabric doesn’t hinge your options for layering techniques. A traditionally popular style for windows and doors is full-length sheers with a heavier drape on top. The sheers create soft, filtered light with a low-level sun protection and privacy during the day. Adding an opaque drapery gives you the option of complete privacy when the drapes are closed, as well as increased insulation due to the extra layer of fabric.

Consider adding cellular shades behind curtains or drapes to provide a high level of insulation. The honeycomb cells are designed to keep air from entering or escaping. By installing floor-to-ceiling drapery panels over large windows, you will create and extra wall of insulation to keep your rooms comfy and warm. This can help conserve energy throughout your house and make it more comfortable.

Layering with Sumptuous Shades

Window shades are the most versatile window treatment around. With options like top-down/bottom-up, cordless lift and motorization, you will be provided with complete light and privacy control. Custom shades range from light-filtering to room-darkening to complete blackout. These shades include Roman shades, roller shades, pleated shades, solar shades, woven wood and bamboo shades, and cellular and honeycomb shades. Dual-fabric shades uniquely combine pleated fabric and light-filtering cells in one shade.

As with blinds, window shades can be paired with curtains or drapery for stylish home décor or improved insulation. They filter light during the day, while giving you complete privacy at night by closing the drapes. The drapes add extra insulation against the cold, and in especially cold climates, the heavier the lining, the more energy-efficient they become.

Blindspot will help you maximize your window coverings for increased energy efficiency in your home with innovative ideas and creative designs that will transform your home. Contact us today at 801-915-0906 to start redecorating your home and lowering your gas bill.

Four Ideas to Simplify Window Treatments

Take a break and start the new year right by kicking back from the overwhelming holiday season. Look for peace and bliss as you watch that blanket of snow fall over your home. Clear out your mind and simplify your thoughts as you sit down for a moment to breath. While your sitting there clearing out your mind, warm up the cold season by simplifying window treatments. Do that by using one of these four ideas for windows that can help you have a smooth journey through the chilly winter.


  1. Put it in neutral. Calm down your days with the calmness of neutrals. Having neutral colors on window treatments provides an easygoing background to all the other things going on in your home and in your busy life. No matter the window treatment, neutral colors will fit your needs. If you want more calmness, you can always throw your shearling overcoat or faux-fur comforter and bask in the mellow and cushiony embrace of the natural palette.hinged panel
  2. Try on a tailored look. Are you a rustic type of family with your country themed furniture and your traditional sliding barn doors? Maybe you’re a Katherine Hepburn kind of person who longs for a lean look with a trim, defined line. Well your windows can replicate that look with cellar shades. These shades give you the option to show light as you desire it, not how it comes in your home. Cellar shades are elegant, adjustable and unique. Don’t overlook these shades as you strive for a whisper of a window treatment.Woven Wood Shades Utah
  3. Keep it straight and smooth. Look for window coverings that mount inside the window frame to keep it minimal and crisp with no frazzled or frumpy edges. The desired window treatment is evenly and sharply encased within the window frame to create a sense of fluidness, with no bulky distractions. Choose wood or faux-wood blinds for their classic simplicity and ease of transitioning to any style, whether in a distressed light finish or traditional wood stains. Roman shades can add some pizzazz and design flavor with soft folds that ooze comfort.Living Room Wood Blinds Utah
  4. Play with patterns. Stay away from big and bold patterns that energize a room if you are wanting the stillness of non-confrontational days. However, if you do love patterns, look for tiny designs in your window coverings to add minimal style with a colorful subtlety to create interest without detracting from your overall light design touch. Roman shades and roller shades are replete with colorful, yet delicate designs and you can always find a perfect match.


Now that you’re ready to simplify your window treatments, cozy up in with your favorite blanket as you enjoy the simple ways to be fashionable, comfortable and happy.